Quarantine Eats: Master Recipe List

UPDATE: Looking back on 2021, I am so grateful to have enjoyed some amazing meals out at restaurants (thank you, outdoor dining and vaccine-required indoor dining!). I haven't been doing much cooking the past few months, and definitely would not have expected 'Quarantine Eats' to be relevant again. But with Omicron spreading like crazy around NYC and Winter just beginning, here we are. Just might be the perfect time to get back to cooking!

It's no secret that I've been spending a lot of the pandemic cooking at home, and it has truly helped keep me sane.  I used to be kinda neutral about cooking, with my true passion being dining out at restaurants. But without that option, I'm so grateful to have discovered this new love for cooking.  I've learned a ton about different cultures' foods, acquired new techniques and new kitchen gadgets, and learned that despite my best effort to follow recipes to a T, it's really easy for things not to turn out as expected!  But it's been a blast anyway.  

So to celebrate ONE year since I cooked my first Quarantine Eats meal, I'm excited to present Quarantine Eats: a master list of all of the recipes that I've made.  Mostly, I've followed the recipes of amazing cooks and food resources, but some recipes I created on my own or pieced together from a few different recipes. 

All of the photography was taken by me. That in itself was another great learning process figuring out how to make the food look its best.  Lighting and plating matter almost as much as the taste...almost! ;)

I've grouped them into categories, so hopefully it's easy to browse. Click on a category to take you to that section. Click on a recipe title to take you to that recipe page with ingredients, directions, and photos. Let me know if you make anything from this list or have any feedback!

Breakfast Asian/Indian Israeli/Middle Eastern French/Spanish
Italian/Pasta Sides Pizza/Flatbreads Desserts
Latin American Appetizers Sandwiches/Burgers American