Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Mexican: Tacombi

Koreatown - Empire State Building
22 West 33rd Street
b/t 5th & 6th Avenues


Baja Crispy Fish Taco: Beer-battered Atlantic haddock topped with pickled cabbage, spicy escabeche, and homemade roasted poblano mayo - GET IT
A huge piece of fish that stayed crispy even through delivery. And all of the toppings added great flavors and textures. 

Black Bean & Sweat Potato Taco: A mix of refried black beans & roasted sweet potatoes topped with queso fresco and slightly spicy dried chile salsa - GET IT
Seemed like an unlikely combo for a taco, but it was great! So full of flavor and very hearty. 

Guacamole Con Totopos: Guac with homemade Vista Hermosa tortilla chips - GET IT
Their chips and tortillas are made on-site and are sold wholesale...and it's easy to see why. The chips with guac were fantastic and a good-sized portion. 

Corn Esquites: Sweet corn sliced from the cob with cotija cheese, smoky homemade morita mayo & spicy chili pequin - FORGET IT
I've had good esquites from Tacombi before and I've had great esquites from other restaurants. This time, they used canned corn, which was a huge disappointment. So much of the flavor comes from the grilled/charred corn cut off the cob. 

Carne Asada Burrito: Steak with a cauliflower coleslaw mixture - GET IT
The beef was tender and flavorful, and the tortilla was great.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Chinese: Milu

333 Park Avenue South
b/t 24th & 25th Streets

Broccoli & mushroom wontons with chili, soy, & vinegar sauce -  GET IT
Great flavor in the filling, and loved the housemade chili oil. 

Bowl: Sichuan spiced cauliflower with sesame chili sauce, marinated cucumbers, and white rice - GET IT
The spice on the cauliflower was so flavorful and unique, as were the cucumbers. Spiced without being too spicy. 

Entrée: Mandarin duck with crispy skin, hoisin sauce, marinated cucumbers, and duck fat rice - GET IT
The duck was cooked beautifully. Crispy on the outside, very moist and tender on the inside. And while the duck fat rice wasn't quite as flavorful as expected, it was a great compliment to the duck and cucumbers. 

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Persian: Miraj

Miraj Healthy Grill
Murray Hill
120 East 34th Street
b/t Park & Lexington Avenues

Miraj Healthy Grill at MissMenuNYC

(Top to bottom)
Char-broiled lamb kabob with shirin polo saffron rice (with almonds, pistachios, orange strips, rose water, cardamom, and carrot strips) - Lamb FORGET IT / Shirin Polo Saffron Rice GET IT
The lamb was really chewy, it could have been because it was delivered, but still not enjoyable.  The rice was such an interesting (and new to me) side, especially with the orange strips.

Hummus - GET IT
Great flavor and nice consistency

Chicken breast kabob with jasmine rice - GET IT
The chicken was tender, juicy, and flavorful.  And even though it was just plain jasmine rice, it was a great compliment to the chicken

Eggplant ratatoui - FORGET IT
This was so oily that the actual eggplant flavor was just drowned out. 

Packaged/commercial pita that was horribly stale. I didn't even eat it. 

Monday, November 2, 2020

Thai: Thai Villa

Thai Villa
5 East 19th Street
b/t Broadway & 5th Avenue

Thai Villa on MissMenuNYC

Pad see ew with vegetables - FORGET IT
A lot of Yelp reviews said that this was a great dish, and much better than your local Thai spot's pad see ew. But this was pretty bad. It was somehow way too garlicky and bland at the same time. 

Pak mor puk (vegetable crepe dumplings) - GET IT
These dumplings are really purple! The filling was pretty standard, but the presentation made this great. And the dipping sauce was delish.
Pad Thai with chicken - GET IT
Pad Thai is another standard Thai dish that can be hit or miss, but this one was really flavorful.

Curry puffs - GET IT
These were incredible.  Definitely hand-made, not frozen, very tasty, and very filling. And