Wednesday, August 31, 2011

U is for...

Ulysses Folk House

Stone Street in the Financial District is such a unique part of NYC. So, I was excited to show it to some friends who were visiting.

We were heading to catch a ferry to Governors Island for the DMB Caravan, and what better way to start an awesome day than with some good food and drinks!

What we ordered:
For Friday lunches, they have two options. 1)You can order from their lunch buffet that features meats, tons of delicious sides, and salads. 2) You can order a hamburger, turkey burger, or veggie burger. At first we were taken aback since we had been craving some of the bar food on their main menu. But, this worked out just fine.

- Turkey burger with cheddar and a side of fries
- Pulled pork sandwich with mac & cheese and fries (from the buffet)
- Mac & cheese, fries, and salad (from the buffet)

It gets an A for:
- Great atmosphere both inside and out. Try to snag a picnic table on Stone Street on a nice day.
- Well-flavored turkey burger. Turkey can make for a very bland, boring burger, but this one was packed with pepper and garlic to spice things up
- The mac & cheese was delish and plentiful

It gets an F for:
- Having such a limited menu for lunch on Fridays. I know it's their deal (and clearly people love it based on the crowd), but was just not expecting it.

58 Stone Street / 95 Pearl Street
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Thursday, August 18, 2011

E is for...

Eastern District

My friend's former boss decided to quit her corporate job and open up Eastern District with her husband. We checked out this new-ish gourmet shop in Greenpoint, and we were so glad we did. The store has an incredible selection of unique beers, cheeses, and gourmet specialty foods.

Eastern District also has a great selection of sandwiches.

We decided to take advantage of the nice afternoon and have a make-shift picnic. Thanks to the owner's suggestion, we took a ferry from Greenpoint to Williamsburg with sandwiches, chips, and funky beers in tow. Can't complain about that view!

We found a spot in the East River State Park and devoured our sandwiches!

What we ordered:
- Smoked turkey, gouda, and bacon marmalade on ciabatta
- Fresh mozzarella, pesto, and roasted red peppers on ciabatta

It gets an A for:
- Such a great concept, great space, and such friendly owners
- The gouda was so GOOD-a. (Sorry, I couldn't resist!) It was hands down THE best I've ever had.
- Bacon marmalade. I don't eat bacon as many of you know. But my friend said it was such an interesting condiment...very sweet, a little salty, and a lot bacon-y.

It gets an F for:
- The mozzarella sandwich lacked some needed punch...maybe the pesto needed to be kicked up a notch? Or the mozzarella needed some more salt? Not exactly sure, but it needed something more.

1053 Manhattan Avenue
Green Point, Brooklyn

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

S is for...

Shake Shack

In a 7 day period, I went to 3 different Shake Shacks. Not sure if I should be proud or embarassed...but I think I'll go with proud. :) For full disclosure though, I only ate at one of them, and split 1 milkshake at the other two. But each visit was equally delicious.

What we ordered...
@ the new Battery Park location:
(Suggestion: walk over to the park along the river to eat. Much nicer setting than the outdoor area of the restaurant itself.)
- 'Shroom burger - Crisp-fried portobello filled with melted muenster
and cheddar cheese, topped with lettuce, tomato and ShackSauce
- Crinkle-cut fries
- ShackBurger - American cheese, lettuce, tomato and ShackSauce

@ Citifield
- Strawberry milkshake delivered to our sweet seats!

@ Saratoga Race Course
- Vanilla milkshake
- ShackBurger - American cheese, lettuce, tomato and ShackSauce

It gets an A for:
- FRIED CHEESE (with a little sliver of mushroom) on a bun. Nuff said.
- ShackSauce
- It earns the right to have "shake" in its name - the shakes are so rich and delicious.

It gets an F for:
- The wait at the normal locations. I realize that's part of its appeal, but is it really worth it an hour of your time or more?!

Multiple locations (NYC, Saratoga Springs, DC)
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Monday, August 8, 2011

V is for...

Vamos! Tacos & Tequila

What we ordered:
- Homemade guacamole with tortilla chips
- Tacos De Pescado Frito Baja Style - beer battered fried fish topped with coleslaw and chipotle mayo, served with rice, beans, corn on the cob topped with cojita cheese, and plantains
- Burrito De Cordero - lamb burrito with salsa verde, pico de gallo, queso fresco, and sour cream, served with rice and beans

It gets an A for:
- Great flavors - the battered fish, the sauces, the salsas, etc.
- Nice sidewalk seating and cute decor inside

It gets an F for:
- I had to order 3 of the same tacos, and was bummed not to be able to get one of each. There were a few on the menu that caught my eye.
- Maybe I'm getting old, but the music seemed ridiculously loud. And nothing says Mexican like Brittany Spears and Rihanna, right?!

348 1st Avenue
b/t 20th & 21st Streets
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Thursday, August 4, 2011

N is for...

New Ashiya

My department at work has a delicious, yet dangerous, tradition of going to New Ashiya for group outings instead of a going to a Midtown bar like most groups do.

If you haven't heard of this place, it's a pretty run-down sushi spot with OK sushi frequented for one thing, and one thing only: all-you-can-eat sushi and all-you-can-drink sake and beer. The deal lasts 2 hours and is only $30...a great deal for big eaters/heavy drinkers. Not so much for my less adventurous co-workers who ordered a plate of chicken teriyaki and had 2 beers. But, I digress...

The sake bomb tally hit 9 last night, and I was definitely paying for it this morning! But, without the massive quantity of sushi I ate, I'm pretty sure I would have been in even worse shape.

What we ordered:
- Dinosaur roll: avocado, cucumber, tobiko, tempura flakes w/ broiled white tuna on top
- Chicken tempura roll
- Shrimp tempura roll
- Green River roll: spicy tuna roll, tempura flakes with avocado on top

It gets an A for:
- Quantity - a lot of sushi options and a lot of food.
- The AYCE/AYCD deal.

It gets an F for:
- Quality. To be fair, it's not gross, it's just not top quality. Plus, alcohol kills germs, right?!
- Not the friendliest service. Then again, if I had to put up with 20- and 30-somethings sake-bombing all night long, I'd probably be a little cranky too.

167 First Avenue
b/t 10th & 11th Streets
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