Persian: Miraj

Miraj Healthy Grill
Murray Hill
120 East 34th Street
b/t Park & Lexington Avenues

Miraj Healthy Grill at MissMenuNYC

(Top to bottom)
Char-broiled lamb kabob with shirin polo saffron rice (with almonds, pistachios, orange strips, rose water, cardamom, and carrot strips) - Lamb FORGET IT / Shirin Polo Saffron Rice GET IT
The lamb was really chewy, it could have been because it was delivered, but still not enjoyable.  The rice was such an interesting (and new to me) side, especially with the orange strips.

Hummus - GET IT
Great flavor and nice consistency

Chicken breast kabob with jasmine rice - GET IT
The chicken was tender, juicy, and flavorful.  And even though it was just plain jasmine rice, it was a great compliment to the chicken

Eggplant ratatoui - FORGET IT
This was so oily that the actual eggplant flavor was just drowned out. 

Packaged/commercial pita that was horribly stale. I didn't even eat it.