Thai: Thai Villa

Thai Villa
5 East 19th Street
b/t Broadway & 5th Avenue

Thai Villa on MissMenuNYC

Pad see ew with vegetables - FORGET IT
A lot of Yelp reviews said that this was a great dish, and much better than your local Thai spot's pad see ew. But this was pretty bad. It was somehow way too garlicky and bland at the same time. 

Pak mor puk (vegetable crepe dumplings) - GET IT
These dumplings are really purple! The filling was pretty standard, but the presentation made this great. And the dipping sauce was delish.
Pad Thai with chicken - GET IT
Pad Thai is another standard Thai dish that can be hit or miss, but this one was really flavorful.

Curry puffs - GET IT
These were incredible.  Definitely hand-made, not frozen, very tasty, and very filling. And