U is for...

Ulysses Folk House

Stone Street in the Financial District is such a unique part of NYC. So, I was excited to show it to some friends who were visiting.

We were heading to catch a ferry to Governors Island for the DMB Caravan, and what better way to start an awesome day than with some good food and drinks!

What we ordered:
For Friday lunches, they have two options. 1)You can order from their lunch buffet that features meats, tons of delicious sides, and salads. 2) You can order a hamburger, turkey burger, or veggie burger. At first we were taken aback since we had been craving some of the bar food on their main menu. But, this worked out just fine.

- Turkey burger with cheddar and a side of fries
- Pulled pork sandwich with mac & cheese and fries (from the buffet)
- Mac & cheese, fries, and salad (from the buffet)

It gets an A for:
- Great atmosphere both inside and out. Try to snag a picnic table on Stone Street on a nice day.
- Well-flavored turkey burger. Turkey can make for a very bland, boring burger, but this one was packed with pepper and garlic to spice things up
- The mac & cheese was delish and plentiful

It gets an F for:
- Having such a limited menu for lunch on Fridays. I know it's their deal (and clearly people love it based on the crowd), but was just not expecting it.

58 Stone Street / 95 Pearl Street
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