Everything But the Kitchen Sink - Tim Tams!

UPDATE: Someone from the PR agency that reps Pepperidge Farm was kind enough to send Miss Menu images of the Pepperidge Farm Tim Tams. The image I had included was of the Australian version. Hopefully this will allow you to spot them on the Target shelves even easier! Happy biscuit-devouring!


If you have ever been to Australia, are friends with an Australian, or even know someone who is, there's a good chance you've heard of one of the most delicious packaged cookies ever...Tim Tams. Now, these are not to be confused with Manischewitz's Tam Tams! One of my friends from Australia has visited NYC a few times in the past few years, and always comes with a huge supply for me and my friends.

When I was at the New York Wine & Food Festival last month, one of the tables at the Grand Tasting was for Pepperidge Farm, and what did they have samples of? TIM TAMS!!!! Miss Menu learned that Pepperidge Farm (owned by Campbell Soup Co., which also owns Tim Tam producer Arnott's) has teamed up with Target to bring Tim Tams to the US for a limited time. This is even more reason I wish there was a Target in Manhattan. Brooklyn, here I come!

Tim Tam Chocolate Cookies at Target Now Through March
*Grub Street*


LizNoVeggieGirl said…
I love international candies - they're so fun, haha :-D
Lessons Learned said…
heck yeah babe. i sampled them on our behalf and they are every bit as good
Anonymous said…
OMG TIM TAMS!!! I fell in love with them in Australia! Must run to Target...

Now if only you could tell me where to get some Vegemite! (Seriously!)