Get on the L'Express Train

Similar to Pigalle, L'Express is part of the Tour de France restaurant group, which owns eight French restaurants around the city. This group gets it right...simple, French cuisine in an authentic bistro atmosphere, and L'Express is no exception.

L'Express is open 24 hours a day, and seems to be busy at any given time. It's just as crowded for a weeknight dinner as it is for a weekend brunch, as it is for a latenight snack. This versatility makes it a reliable standby in my book. And the food itself doesn't hurt either.

I've been to L'Express for dinner and brunch, and have enjoyed my meals each time. They have a great wine list, with many selections by the glass, as well as by the bottle. The menu itself features some classic French bistro fare (steak frites, mussels, goat cheese salad), as well as some unexpected items (tripe, lamb burgers, and vegetable lasagna).

Not in the mood for a heavy meal, I went with my staple French selections. I ordered onion soup, and split a salad and French fries with my friend. The mesclun salad had a nice twist with warm pears and blue cheese. The onion soup at L'Express has a great, authentic flavor, with the right amount of cheese gratinee on the top. And the fries were really good too, brought out in a huge pile on a plate.

I'd definitely recommend L'Express to anyone looking for a lively dining experience that somehow seems equally New York as it does French.

249 Park Avenue South
@ 20th Street
Menu Pages listing


Anonymous said…
Miss Menu-

L'Express should be coveted as a 24 hour spot. The omelets look awesome though I've never had one. The fries are pretty good. And they serve alcohol 24 hours a day.

Ufortunately last time I went for a quick post dinner coffee and dessert, there was a hair in my chocolate soufflet. We showed the manager and they comped our entire meal.

Look, it's not the end of the world. I'll still go to L'Express. A hair in a dish is not the worst thing we could see, it's better than a bug or a finger like in Naked Gun. I'm going to go back for an omelet one of these days.