Pigalle - c'est pas mal!

Yesterday, my old boss took a group of us out to lunch for the holidays. Earlier last week, he had asked a few of us for suggestions for restaurants. So, of course, I sent him a list of four or five choices near our office that were reasonable. It was to this email that he replied, "Ok since you're being Miss Menu, why don't you make a reservation for us? I'd try for Pigalle, sounds best to me." So, technically, I have him to thank for the original idea for this blog!

Anyway, back to the food. I mostly suggested Pigalle because I am partial to anything French. And, I had been to some of the other restaurants owned by the Tour de France restaurant group (L'Express, French Roast, Nice Matin, and others), and really enjoyed my meals at each. I also look for any opportunity to try a new French onion soup recipe (what I basically lived on when I was in Paris)!

Pigalle has a quaint bistro feel if you are able to look past two things: an overwhelming number of Christmas wreaths and accents that are not French (read Southern and Midwestern tourists). Hopefully, that will no longer be the case come January. We had a few issues with our reservation, but luckily were still seated pretty quickly.

They have a large selection of French and Belgian beers (including my favorite, but hard to find, Kronenbourg 1664), and a very creative cocktail list. Everyone really enjoyed their meals. And in case you were worrying, the French onion soup was great!

Some suggestions:
- If you have the stomach for it, they have Absinthe drinks there...usually hard to find on this side of the pond.
- Les frites (french fries) were really good, and pretty authentic
- Make sure you speak very clearly/slowly when making a reservation, as the hostess doesn't have the best English. I had made a reservation for 12:30 and she had it down as 4:30.

790 8th Avenue
@ 48th Street
Menu Pages listing


Anonymous said…
I had Pigalle's Cassoulet which tasted good but was a bit sloppy in presentation. Some of the meats were quite fatty, which could turn some people off, but probably is important for the flavor.

As for the absinthe, I was so surprised to see it on a menu that I had to try it. The absinthe available in America is a bit weaker than European versions, but the taste is fairly similar. I tried Pigalle's "La Fee Verte" which had too much lime juice ruining the drink and making it taste like a bad licorice mojito.

I would recommend trying absinthe in the traditional manner with sugar and cold water.
Anonymous said…
Boo!!! :(

I wish I came to work that day so I could've snuck in with you guys! Well, maybe.

Naw, I'd rather have the day off. :)
that guy said…
The chicken sandwich was also good, as well as the Trippel beer I had, made by a cool Belgian monk, a long, long time ago...