Korean: Her Name Is Han

Her Name Is Han
Korea Town
17 East 31st Street
b/t 5th & Madison Aves

Her Name Is Han has been on my list for a few years now, and I'm not really sure why I haven't been before. So I was really excited when it arrived for my birthday dinner last week.  Adam did an awesome job ordering and everything was delicious! 

Banchan: A variety of side dishes that came included with the order
The kimchi was good, but the rest didn't really do it for me. I'd say FORGET IT, but it was free, so it's worth trying.

Kimchi Pancake
This had such a great taste, and even being delivered, it still had a nice crunch to it.  Just wish we could have gotten it with the poached egg on top, but that probably wouldn't travel so well! GET IT

Bibimbap: 7 kinds of seasoned vegetables and egg over rice
This was good, but didn't stand out compared to the other dishes. It's nice as a vegetarian option, so I wouldn't totally FORGET IT. 

KFC (Boneless): Boneless Korean fried chicken with radish pickle and sweet & sour sauce
I'm sure these would have been much better fresh out of the fryer, but they lost most of their moisture in delivery.  FORGET IT

Rice Cake: Sautéed rice cake, shishito pepper, and kabocha with yuzu gochujang sauce
I have never had a dish like this before. The rice cakes were dense and chewy, the squash was so tender, and the sauce was incredible. GET IT

Corn and Cream Croquettes
These were amazing. Creamy on the inside, very crunchy on the outside. They didn't strike me as typical Korean flavors, but it was delicious. GET IT