Cuban: Sophie's

Sophie's Cuban Cuisine
593 1st Avenue
at 34th Street

Entrée + 3 Sides
- Breaded Chicken: I was tempted to order the grilled chicken, but so glad I went with the breaded. It was pounded thin, really crispy, and great flavor - GET IT
- Green Plantains: It was a small portion and a little overcooked/tough - FORGET IT
- White Beans & Avocado Salad: This seemed great in theory, but was lacking flavor or seasoning. I added a little salt and that helped - FORGET IT
- Moro Rice: They have a few rice/bean options, but went with this one and it was delicious! GET IT

Chicken, Spinach & Cheese, Guava & Cheese
All 3 of these were so good. You can tell they are made in-store and not processed/packaged. Each filling was really flavorful, and the crust was really crispy. GET IT

And get ALL the "Sophie's Special Green Sauce," or as some refer to it, "green crack sauce!" It's soooo good.