Midtown East's Restaurant Salvation

It feels like half of my Facebook and Instagram feeds are restaurant or food-related these days...restaurant openings, recipes, and, of course, photos galore.  And I am perfectly ok with that!   For months leading up to the opening of April Bloomfield's latest venture, I couldn't believe how much press the Salvation Burger opening was getting.  I was definitely eager to check it out.   

AB and I were trying to figure out where to go for dinner, and she mentioned being in the mood for a burger.  Immediately, Salvation Burger came to mind.  While I usually spend entirely too much time researching restaurants when I'm making plans, this was such a quick decision. I'll take it! 

The space was previously Pop@Pod in the Pod Hotel, and some of the design/décor remained the same.  But, now there are more tables in the back, an open kitchen, and a lot of cow images everywhere.  It was fun to watch April and the other chefs and cooks at work on a pretty busy Saturday night.  We had to wait about 40 minutes, but there plenty of space in the bar area to grab a drink while we waited.

Once we were seated, it didn't take long to figure out what we wanted to order, as the menu is pretty small: 3 snacks, 4 salads, 5 burgers, 6 pies...and a few boozy shakes.  I did think the options for sides were pretty limited, but I guess most people want fries with their burgers and just go for that option.  And that's just what we did. 

What we ordered...

Classic Burger: double patty 3.5 oz, special sauce, and pickles on a house-made bun

Fish on Bun: crispy tempura-style fluke filet with cabbage and tartar sauce. Had to fork-and-knife this one, it was massive. 

Our sandwiches with a hefty side of fries

Only 2 blocks from my apartment, Salvation Burger is definitely a welcomed addition to the neighborhood.  And I'll take any and all great restaurants that we can, anything to counter-act the Panda Express that is slated to open on the same block!

230 East 51st Street
b/t 2nd & 3rd Avenues
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