Famous Foods, Fantastic Flavors

Midtown isn't especially known as a culinary destination for lunch, consisting mostly of generic delis, fast food joints, etc. Fortunately, there are some exceptions to that rule, including Xi'An Famous Foods that is opening today.

With four other locations and a lot of air time on shows like "No Reservations," "Bizarre Foods," and "Food(ography)," Xi'An has become very well-known. So when I saw on their Facebook page that they were doing a soft opening of their new Midtown location this past Thusrday, my co-worker and I ran over there. The line was long, and moving slowly (understandable as they work out the bells and whistles), but it was so worth the wait.
The menu is identical to the other locations, and that goes for the prices too.  Happy to see they didn't jack them up just because of its snazzy locale. 

They took over a space that used to be a Lebanese restaurant, evidenced by the giant oven in the middle of the restaurant.  The decor is minimal and sleek, and there is a little sitting (stools and counters) in the back.

I ordered the Mount Qi Vegetables Hand-Ripped Noodles (N5) and asked for it made medium spicy.  The flavor was incredible, and the variety of veggies was great (and a little surprising...chickpeas in Chinese food?!).  The cashier listed my spice request as "moderately spicy" on the ticket, probably fearing I couldn't handle the heat, and it definitely needed more spice.  So, next time I know to ask for even more!  The hand-pulled noodles were so fresh and had the perfect bite to them. 

I am so excited for this addition to my lunch options and can't wait to go back once the crowds subside.

Congrats to Jason on the opening, and best of luck! 
Xi'An Famous Foods
24 West 45th Street
b/t 5th & 6th Avenues