AroundTheWorld: Puerto Rico

I was so excited to book a vacation to Puerto Rico - it was going to be a much-needed weekend to get away from the cold NY winter and to do nothing but relax.  It was my first time ever going to the Carribean.  Before that, my experience with the Caribbean was limited to meals at Cuban, Puerto Rican, and Domincan restaurants here in NYC!

We stayed at El Conquistador Resort in Fajardo.  It was absolutely gorgeous, perched up on a cliff overlooking the water, with 7 pools and a private island beach. 

Of course as soon as it was booked, I began checking out the dining options both at the resort and in the nearby town.   We didn't end up leaving the property for any meals, but managed to find some good local fare anyway! 

Medalla with a view - Puerto Rican beer

Local root chips (plantain, yucca, and taro)
with a mango sauce and pico de gallo 

Queso frito (Puerto Rican fried cheese)

Chicken with cassava mofongo 

Tostones (fried green plaintains)

It wouldn't be vacation without a colorful, fruity drink!

We thought it would be nice to do one nicer dinner, so we chose Stingray Cafe.  We got a table on their outdoor patio right along side the marina.  Such a nice breeze and nice setting for a delicious and relaxing meal!

Panko-crusted cod with truffle mashed potatoes and julienned
vegetables in a lobster buerre blanc sauce

Sesame-crusted seared tuna over lentils and asparagus

It was so hard to get on that plane to come back, especially when the pilot announced that it was 32 degrees and snowing in NYC!  But it was a fantastic weekend, filled with great memories, great weather, great beaches, and great food.