Warm Up in 10 Degrees

If you wander around the East Village/Alphabet City area, you're bound to pass by dozens of dimly-lit wine bars and lounges.  So how do you choose which one to check out?  Well, a few things helped me decide on 10 Degrees when I was meeting a friend for a drink after work. 

1) A really great happy hour: 2-4-1 drinks until 8pm every day, every drink
2) A fun, cozy atmosphere: who doesn't love eating and drinking by candelight?!
3) A food menu with more than the standard bar food fare

10 Degrees had it all.  We ordered a mixed plate of charcuterie and cheeses (any 3 for $21, any 4 for $26).  It was a little pricey for cheese, but unlike a lot of cheese plates that feature miniscule morsels of each cheese, these portions were huge!

Comte de Montagne
Proscuitto San Daniel Reserve
 10 Degrees

That's no morsel, that's a giant chunk!

I had never heard of this dish before, but absolutely had to try it. Hard to go wrong with potatoes, cheese, breadcrumbs baked in the oven.

Tartiflette Mont Blanc (with a very eloquent description)
"Savory and rich layers of maple-wood smoked bacon, russett potatoes, and
loads of melted gruyere, eclipsed with a buttery, garlic Pank crusting" 
10 Degrees

Great atmosphere and lively crowd
Love the walls covered in wine bottles and exposed stone
10 Degrees

10 Degrees
121 St. Marks Place
b/t 1st Ave & Avenue A