Serious Ballers

Meatball Shop is well-known for a few things...seriously tasty meatballs, seriously good homemade ice cream sandwiches, and seriously long waits. Because of that last thing, DB and I have never been able to go when he has visited NYC.

Hoping that a cold Sunday night before Christmas would lessen the crowd, we trekked down to the Lower East side and met AL there for dinner. We walked into the packed restaurant and were disappointed to hear the wait was 45 minutes. We headed back outside trying to decide where to grab a drink to kill then time. Low and behold, not 45 minutes, but 45 seconds later, the hostess came outside and told us she had a table ready now! HOORAY!

We each ordered two meatball sliders and shared three sides.

SW: Chicken meatball with pesto & veggie meatball with parmesean cream
AL: Beef meatball with mushroom gravy & chicken meatball with parmsean cream
DB: Beef meatball with classic tomato sauce & chicken meatball with parmesean cream

Mushroom risotto
Freshly-milled polenta
Mashed potatoes
Meatball Shop

I hadn't had the ice cream sandwiches on past visits to the Meatball Shop, but despite being pretty stuffed, I knew we had to try them. We were reasonable though - we ordere two sandwiches for the three of us!

House-made chocolate ice cream on freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies
The Meatball Shop
Not pictured: Cinnamon ice cream on Snickerdoodle cookies. Out of this world.

The Meatball Shop
84 Stanton Street
b/t Allen & Orchard Streets