Hit by a Mac Truck

Twitter continues to be so good to me.  On my walk to work every morning, I walk west on 47th and pass by prime food truck real estate between Park & Madison Aves.  One morning last week, I spotted a new (to me) food truck parked there, and the name made me smile: Mac Truck.  Creative, straightforward, and a funny pun on Mack trucks.  A whole truck of mac & cheese?!  This I had to investigate. 

After finding their website and Twitter page, I exchanged a few tweets with the owner Dom, asking if he ever has plans to come to 6th Ave during lunch.  To my delight, he told me he was planning on setting up in my work neighborhood the next Wednesday (yesterday).  It crossed my mind as I walked to work past the other food trucks in the morning, but then I got busy with work.  Late morning, I had a direct message from him apologizing for not making it to 6th Ave., but he asked if I'd be up for him dropping off some mac & cheese on his way home for me to try anyway.  That turned into him dropping off 5 huge portions of mac & cheese and 2 orders of fried mac bites for my co-workers and me to enjoy!  Talk about brilliant marketing...a win-win for all of us. :)

I dug into the contaimers with one co-worker.  Then, I took a break to email a bunch of other coworkers, who, one-by-one, came running over to my desk and joined in on the feast. 

Classic Mac & Cheese
Mac Truck NYC

Mac & Cheese tasting:
Classic, braised applewood bacon, cheeseburger, buffalo chicken, and pulled pork
plus fried mac bites
Mac Truck NYC

Up close and personal with the ridiculous fried mac bites
Mac Truck NYC

When I got back to my desk, there were some hilarious replies to the email chain:
"Wow. Also, do you know a Beer Truck guy?"
"I had a lucrative Bernie Mac & Cheese truck years ago but we had to shut it down with his untimely passing."
"So sleepy now."
And my personal favorite: "Shayna just locked up the 'Email of the Year' award."  SWEET!

Huge thanks to Dom for letting us try all of his delicious varieties.  Can't wait to get hit by the Mac Truck again soon!

Mac Truck
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