Hello Brooklyn.

With DB in town, we ventured to Brooklyn to check out a Nets game at the new Barclays Center.  Our fantastic seats came with a surprise: an all-access pass to a suite-level buffet AND any of the concession stands!  I may not celebrate the holiday, but for a food lover like me, that was like Christmas coming two days early this year! 

Some of the concessions are pretty standard - burgers, chicken tenders, popcorn, etc.  But we skipped those and opted for the stands that are offshoots of popular restaurants from all around Brooklyn.  I hadn't been to a lot of these Brooklyn restaurants, so it was a great way to try a few all at once!

As we mapped out our plan of attack, we agreed on the following two statements:
1- Don't feel bad about being beyond gluttonous - it's a special occasion/holiday weekend, so it doesn't count
2- Don't feel bad for not finishing every last bite

And so the tasting adventure began...

Nachos from Calexico
Brooklyn Nets Barclays Center

Mac & cheese from Fatty 'Cue BBQ 
Brooklyn Nets Barclays Center

Sicilian slice from L&B Spumoni Gardens 
Brooklyn Nets Barclays Center

Original cheesecake from Junior's
Brooklyn Nets Barclays Center

  The game was a lot of fun...and the Nets won!  Definitely a great food-filled Sunday.
Barclays Center