AroundTheWorld: Atlanta

Every time I go home to Atlanta, I am amazed at how many great new restaurants have opened since my last visit.  My dad is always eager to take us to some of the new spots, but it wouldn't be a trip home without hitting up some of my favorite ATL staples too! Here's a "taste" of what I had - pun fully intended.
Georgia Rib Company (in the old Sparkles?!)
Half-chicken, 6 ribs, mac & cheese, green beans, and Texas toast
BBQ chicken, ribs, mac & cheese, green beans

Willy's is a MUST when I'm home.
These burritos put Chiptole and Qdoba to shame!

Flashbacks at breakfast to so many late nights spent at Waffle House during high school... 
...when we thought it was cool to call it WaHo. 
waffle, eggs

Richard Blais's Flip Burger Boutique
Turkey burger with sweet potato tots

Penang Atlanta - Malaysian Restaurant
Roti Canai
Malaysian Restaurant

Beef Rendang
Malaysian Restaurant

Nasi Lemak
Malaysian Restaurant

Sarang Burong
Malaysian Restaurant

Rude service, lousy tacos, and a whole lotta hype
Chicken tacos, fish tacos

And finally, Chick-fil-A
Great for the stomach; bad for the consceince