AroundTheWorld: Finland

I had no idea what to expect as we arrived to Helsinki on an overnight cruise from Stockholm. But after a few very cold, rainy days, we were greeted with bright blue skies, a military parade, and a bustling market right on the water. After settling into our hotel, we went to find some fresh seafood for lunch in the market - we just needed to decide what kind!

There was cute old lady selling smoked fish off her little boat in the corner of the marina:

There were dozens of varieties of salted or smoked fish at the neighboring indoor market:

But, I decided to go with fried prawns served with Finnish roasted potatoes: 
Talk about lunch with a view!

And for dessert, a Belgian waffle from the tent next door:

We spent a day on a fortress island called Suomenlinna that had its own brewery and restauants.  After exploring for a few hours, the hard cider was so refreshing!

And the food was great too. 
Lamb sausage in the brewery's own porter mustard with potato salad.