AroundTheWorld: Norway

It was hard to say "shalom" to Israel and my friends. But, on my flights to Bergen, Norway, I was giddy with excitement for the 16 days of adventure that were ahead of me with my great friend DWB. I couldn't believe we were actually going to Scandinavia!

In the months of research we had done for the trip, I became familiar with what typical Scandinavian cuisine entailed: a ton of fresh seafood, earthy/hearty things like mushrooms, berries, and potatoes, and some interesting wild game meats (Reindeer?! Not Rudolph!). Yes, there was a lot of those, but I think we were both very surprised to see so many international cuisines (Thai, Italian, and even Mexican)...and so many fast food chains.

We started off the trip in true Norwegian fashion - lunch from the fish market sitting next to the water.
Incredible fish & chips

Open-faced lobster sandwich

Since the sun doesn't set until 11pm, we quickly realized that locals didn't eat dinner until at least 9 or 10pm. With so much daylight left, we decided to spend a few hours in a beer garden along the water at the historic port area in Bergen.

After wandering around looking at our options for dinner, we ended up at an Asian fusion restaurant of all places. Seemed pretty random, but turned out to be a great dinner with a waiter who was obsessed with Brooklyn and told us all about his vacation to NYC. Norwegians sure are friendly!

We rented a car and took a day trip exploring the incredible Norwegian fjords. We stopped for lunch while we waited for a car ferry in a tiny town called Kinsarvik for lunch. Check out that view!

Next, we were off to Oslo for a few days. Had some great food there as well, including dinner on the wharf. I could easily get used to dining waterside like this!

"Eat with a clear conscience." On this trip? No problem!