Next Stop: Lebanon

Finally made it to a new "country!"

What we ordered:
- Baba ghannouj - roasted eggplant puree, Lebanese tahini, and lemon
- Falafel - ground fava beans and chick peas served with vegetables and tahini
- Arayess jebne - toasted pita filled with grilled halloumi cheese, served with tomato and cucumber
- Fatayer sabenegh - mini pies filled with spinach

Worth the trip if you're looking for...
- Really darn good food - Middle Eastern food can be pretty generic, but each of the 4 things we ordered was uniquely flavorful
- Such a modern, sleek design...despite it being one of the narrowest restaurants in the entire city (only 3 meters wide!)
- Great wine list divided up by Lebanon and The World - hadn't had Lebanese wine before, so we had to give it a shot!

Skip the trip if you're looking for...
- Really warm, friendly service - it wasn't bad, but the extremely burly guy was a little aggressive

Naya Mezze & Grill
1057 2nd Avenue
b/t 55th & 56th Streets
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