Next Stop: USA

I've been hesitant on deciding which restaurant to use for my stop to "the US" since so many restaurants can be classified as American...any burger place, any diner, any bar food. But, when I made plans to go to Southern Hospitality, it seemed like the perfect example of true Americana, especially with my Southern roots.

What we ordered:
- Beale Street BBQ chicken - a half dry-rubbed smoked chicken brushed with BBQ sauce, served with sweet potato fries and coleslaw

- Pulled chicken platter - a boneless version of the Beale Street chicken pulled and coated with BBQ sauce, served with tator tots and coleslaw

Worth the trip for...
- A really cool, lively atmosphere with a great bar for watching games
- A restaurant owned by a celebrity - if you're into that sort of thing
- Three really good BBQ sauces

Skip the trip for...
- Tiny portions - don't they know that BBQ and large portions go hand in hand?! Where are the true Southern-sized portions?!
- A bus boy spilling sour cream all over your jacket, bag, and pants - I know it was an accident, but YUCK!

Southern Hospitality
645 9th Avenue
@ 45th Street
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