Next Stop: Israel

I had two great experiences at Gazala's on the UWS's Columbus Avenue for dinner, and I was excited to finally make it to the original location on 9th Avenue in Hell's Kitchen. Some parts lived up to my expectations, and some failed miserably.

What we ordered:
- Hummus Moudammas: hummus topped with fava beans
- Borekah lunch special: fresh-baked spinach and goat cheese borekah served with a hard boiled egg, hummus, pickles, and salad of corn and cabbage

- Chicken kebab: white meat chicken with spices, flame broiled, served with rice and salad of corn and cabbage

Worth the trip for...
- Straight-out-of-the-oven borekahs (rivals the ones I've had in Israel - possibly the best I've had in NYC), flatbreads, and desserts
- Delicious homemade hummus

Skip the trip for...
- Horribly rude service (the UWS location had wonderful service, 9th Avenue - not so much)
- Cramped, unimpressive interior (the UWS location had wonderful decor and ambience, 9th Avenue - not so much)
- Disorganized menu - not all items (including lunch specials) were listed, incorrect prices, etc.

Gazala's Place
709 Ninth Avenue
b/t 48th & 49th Streets
Menu Pages listing