Next Stop: Turkey

What we ordered:
- Cacik: thickened yogurt with cucumber, garlic, mint and dill and fresh-baked bread (Turkish version of tzatziki)

- Borek: phylo stuffed with feta cheese and parsley (To me, these are not borekahs, but are cigars. Either way, they were delicious.)

- Greek salad: lettuce mixed with shepherd salad, topped with feta cheese, elephant beans, carrots, red onions, and stuffed grape leaves served with special house dressing

- Iskender kebab: vertically grilled slices of lamb over diced Turkish bread, dressed with tomato sauce and homemade garlic yogurt sauce

Worth the trip for...
- The cacik - very minty and fresh tasting
- A wide variety of meat options, each with a variety of preparations

Skip the trip for...
- If you're low-carb conscious. They are constantly bringing more fresh bread and it's hard to resist!
- A pretty empty restaurant, which makes it really quiet and kind of awkward

1030 Second Avenue
b/t 54th & 55th Streets
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