Next Stop: Thailand

What we ordered:

- Chicken Pad See Ew

- Chicken Pad Thai

- Thai Mixed Chicken & Shrimp Dumplings - steamed dumplings with vegetables and potatoes, served with house black bean mushroom dipping sauce

- Corn Spring Rolls - crispy spring rolls stuffed with glass noodles, grilled corn, and minced vegetables, served with plum sake dipping sauce

Worth the trip for...
- The ambiance. Thai restaurants on 9th Avenue are a dime a dozen. But the decor and atmosphere at Room Service set it apart from the rest. Check out that chandelier!

Skip the trip for...
- A slow, relaxed dinner. The entrees came halfway through eating our appetizers. And the check was brought halfway through eating our entrees. What's the rush?!

Room Service
690 9th Avenue
b/t 47th & 48th Streets
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Anonymous said…
Try the Room Service in Chelsea - much better than the HK one.