Next Stop: Mexico

New York may be known for a lot of great things, but one of them is certainly not its Mexican food. So, I was excited to learn that the neighborhood of Sunset Park in Brooklyn was predominently Mexican and is known for its inexpensive and delicious food. We spent a good part of the afternoon doing a mini food crawl, and it was so much fun.

Tacos El Bronco
What we ordered:
- Taco pollo and taco al pastor

Truck parked at 43rd Street & 5th avenue

Tacos Xochimilco
Thanks to a tip from my fellow food blogger, NYC Food Guy, we ordered what turned out one of the best sandwiches I've ever had in my life. No exaggeration.

What we ordered:
- Pambazo - similar to a torta, this sandwich is made on bread that has been dipped in warm red guajillo pepper sauce. Then it's filled with potatoes, oaxaca cheese, lettuce, and crema
This photo does not begin to do this sandwich justice. Just trust me, if you ever come across "pambazo" on a menu, ORDER IT!

4501 5th Avenue
@ 45th Street
Sunset Park, Brooklyn

Tacos Matamoros
What we ordered:
- Guacamole with tomatillo salsa and fresh tortilla chips

- Tamale con pollo

- Taco lengua and taco cabeza

4508 5th Avenue
b/t 45th & 46th Streets
Sunset Park, Brooklyn

Worth the trip for...
- PAMBAZO!!! Wish I had brought a few home with me!
- The homemade salsas and sauces from Tacos El Bronco

Skip the trip for...
- Tamale - it needed more flavor
- The guacamole - I think my own version even tastes better!