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What we ordered:

- Vege Yuba Dip Soba - Soba noodles with tofu and watercress dipped in konbu kelp broth
- Stamina Dip Soba - Soba noodles with pork and chicken meatballs in bonito broth
This dip style is the traditional method of eating soba. The noodles are par-cooked, so you dip them in the broth to finish cooking them to your liking. At the end, they poor hot water into the remaining broth and you drink it as an "after-dinner drink." This drink is said to possess a ton of nutrients, which is why Cocoron's motto is "cocoron - where hearty meets healthy." And people claim carbs are bad... :)

- Shuto - pickled Tuna entrails with cream cheese

Worth the trip for...
- Truly authentic soba. It was hard for me to understand why soba was so special in Japanese cuisine. But after having authentic, handmade noodles (and not the kind they sell in every deli around the city), I get it. So delicious.

Skip the trip for...
- A group dinner. The whole place seats 10 people at a time (3 tables of 2, and 6 seats at the bar).

61 Delancey Street
b/t Allen & Eldridge Streets
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