First Stop: Malaysia

What we ordered:
- Roti Canai - crispy Indian pancake with curry chicken sauce

- Singapore Fried Mee Hoon - wok fried rice noodles in lea & perrin sauce with schrimp, chicken, egg, and bean sprouts

- Bendi Belacan - sauteed orka with spicy Malaysian shrimp paste sauce

- Beef Rendang over rice

Worth the trip for...
- The roti - freshly baked, light and airy
- The Singapore noodles didn't taste so different from a lo mein, but they were a really good version of that!

Skip the trip for...
- The okra in shrimp paste - shrimp paste has to be the most foul-smelling condiment on earth! I think it's still lingering in my nose!

Taste Good Malaysian Cuisine
42-18 45th Avenue @ Broadway
Elmhurst, Queens
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