[Red] Farm Fresh, Creative, and Delicious

When you hear someone mention "Christmas day," one of two things usually come to mind depending on your background: 1) tree, lights, presents, or 2) Chinese food. I certainly fall in that second category, and I'm guessing that Red Farm's owner Ed Schoenfeld would agree. Then again, as a Chinese restaurant aficianado, I wouldn't expect anything different.

Along with Chef Joe Ng, Schoenfeld opened Red Farm in the West Village - and definitely created something wonderful. It looks like an American farmhouse inside, with a large communal table, wood beams and fixtures, and the restaurant sign in glass jars.
But the food that comes out of the kitchen is anything but simple or American.

What we ordered:
Katz's pastrami egg roll
Talk about the ultimate example of Chinese on Christmas!

"Pac Man" shrimp dumplings
The ghosts were delicious pastel shrimp dumplings...eyes et al! And Pac Man was made of sweet potato tempura.

Mushroom & vegetable spring rolls
The trees were made of spring rolls, with fried noodle foliage. And they grew out of a cucumber half.

Three chili chicken
A lot spicy and a little sweet

Soft & crunchy vegetable fried rice
Still not sure what the crunchy bits were, but this was so tasty.

Red Farm
529 Hudson Street
b/t Charles & West 10th Streets
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