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Even though I've lived in my neighborhood for 2 years now, I have only just started taking advantage of the great and diverse restaurants that are on 53rd b/t 2nd & 3rd. In the last month, I've been thrilled to checked out Social Eatz, Cello Wine Bar, Radicchio Risotto Co., Little Thai Kitchen, and most recently Obao.

What we ordered
- Vegetable spring rolls with tofu, jicama, mushrooms, taro, mint, and soy dipping sauce.

- Marinated chicken with vermicelli noodles, assorted vegetables, herbs, peanuts

- Pad Kee Mao with flat rice noodles, chicken, egg, tomatoes, onions, bell pepper, basil in chili basil sauce

It gets an A for:
- It's 212 happy hour specials Thursday - Saturday: $2 Sapporo, $1 shots, and $2 appetizers
- Cool atmosphere and great back garden

It gets an F for:
- Lacking service - Had to keep "interrupting" the servers to place our order, to ask for more water and napkins, and for our check
- One of the walls is covered in fake grass, which is part of the cool atmosphere mentioned above. Except for the fact that bugs were flying in and out of it the entire meal and swarming around us and our food.

222 East 53rd Street
b/t 2nd & 3rd Avenues
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You found a great happy hour with Obao! Perhaps we will skip eating there and stop by for cocktails. Thanks for the tips!
Miss Menu said…
Happy to share them! Best bet is definitely to take advantage of that happy hour and order a few drinks and apps. Can't go wrong with that. Enjoy!