L is for...

Le Parisien

Anyone who knows me well knows that after spending a semester in Paris during college, j'adore Paris and anything French. My apartment is decorated with tons of French tchotchkes. Nutella and crepes hold a special place in my heart. And I can speak the language...on a good day.

So, until the day comes that I get back to Paris, I jump at any chance to feel a bit Parisian while I'm here in NYC. And on Wednesday, I was definitely able to do that, and within 20 blocks of my apartment!

What we ordered (in French!):
- Filet Of sole with haricots verts, toasted almonds in a butter lemon sauce

- Parisienne PEI mussels in a saffron and mustard cream served with frites

It gets an A for:
- Making you feel like you are actually in a small, Paris neighborhood bistro complete with vintage posters, street signs, black & white tile floor, and tin ceiling
- The most delicious, rich butter lemon sauce on the sole
- The frites - light, crispy, perfectly salted
- A great wine list - I went with the sauvignon blanc
- Being able to order great French food IN French!

It gets an F for:
- I'm having trouble finding something, but if I have to give one, I'd have to say the bread that is brought out to the table. Pretty stale and unimpressive.

163 East 33rd Street
b/t 3rd & Lexington Avenues
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