K is for...

Korzo Haus

"We apologize to all the other burgers for making them so sad." That is the disclaimer on the bottom of Korzo Haus' website, and even though it makes me smile, it couldn't be more accurate.

All I was told about this restaurant was that it's Eastern European and that they wrap their burgers in Hungarian dough called langos, and deep fry them. That definitely grabbed my attention. I'm still not totally sure if this is an actual cuisine in that region, or if our new buddy the chef just thought it was a brilliant idea. Either way, I was curious!

What we ordered:
- Haus vegi - patty made of walnuts and black-eyed peas with edam cheese, carmelized onions, dill pickle, and dressed mixed greens
- Korzo burger with apple-smoked bacon, allgäuer emmenthaler cheese, house made mustard, and a dill pickle
Both burgers were served with purple slaw, slices of green apple, and a delicious mayo
- A side of red bliss potato wedges
- A side of halusky - fried hand-cut spatzle (almost like small gnocchi)

It gets an A for:
- Ridiculously cool concept - The dough is a little bit sweet, and frying it makes all of the flavors inside the dough really come together
- Perfectly cooked grass-fed beef
- The homemade hot sauce
- Great selection of Eastern European beer

It gets an F for:
- The halusky sounded great in theory, but it was a little chewy and bland
- The beet ketchup - apparently you get a lot more "ketchup" from a beet than you do from a tomato...but I wasn't a fan of the flavor

There was a huge party in the back of the restaurant, so we sat at the counter that looked right into the kitchen. It was a lot of fun being able to chat with the chef and ask 1000 questions about the langos/burger-making process, how he decides what will be on the menu (which changes daily), and what ingredients he includes in his sauces, etc.

178 East 7th Street
b/t Avenues A & B