A is for...

Atlantic Grill

I have been to a lot (hundreds...maybe thousands?) of great restaurants in my 8 years in NYC. But even with all those great meals, it's still such a treat when you finish a meal, sit back (in a complete food coma), and think, "wow, that was truly a special dining experience." And, that's exactly how I felt after dinner at Atlantic Grill on Monday night.

What we ordered:
- 4 pieces of shrimp cocktail
- Artic char tartare topped with tobiko, pickled daikon, lemongrass aioli and served with taro root chips
- Soup du jour: corn bisque poured table-side over a seared scallop
- Chef's special roll with crab & avocado, topped with hamachi, tobiko, and BBQ eel sauce; 2 pieces of lobster nigiri
- 2 pieces of kampachi nigiri, topped with pickled plums and crispy onions
- Baked atlantic cod with spring beans, oven dried tomatoes, fava beans, and capers
- Hazelnut crusted sea scallops with melted leeks, black trumpet mushrooms, and sugar snap peas in a rhubarb vinaigrette
- Sauteed potato gnocchi with parmegiano reggiano
- Nutella blondie sundae topped with vanilla ice cream, cherry compote, and chcolate hazelnut ganache

It gets an A for:
- Incredible food. Excellent presentation, fantastic flavors, and a lot of creativity.
- Exceptional service. Our server David was charismatic and knowledgable - keeping it friendly and professional at the same time. He even chased us down the sidewalk to give us a package of Atlantic Grill chocolate chip cookies to take home!

It gets an F for:
- Only one scallop in the corn bisque! One is never enough.
- The triangular crust that the blondie was served in was pretty bland.

49 West 64th Street
b/t Central Park West & Broadway


Ive been here, the sushi is fantastic.