B is for...

Brasserie 360

What we ordered:
- French onion soup
- Grilled vegetables
- Penne primavera with fresh spinach, zucchini, diced tomato in a white wine sauce

It gets an A for:
- The interior has a pretty authentic French bistro feel
- While there's no sidewalk cafe, the windows open up completely and make for great people watching, especially on a nice night

It gets an F for:
- A horrendous waiter - We asked for the soups to come out first, separately from the rest of the food. Three bites into the soup, and out came the other dishes. We mentioned it to the waiter (when we could finally flag him down), and he pointed out how we only had a few bites left. Meanwhile the food was already cold.
- He brought over the check and said, "I probably shouldn't ask this, but are you guys on a first date?" It wasn't, but if you have to preface a question with "I probably shouldn't ask this," you probably shouldn't!

200 East 60th Street
@ 3rd Avenue
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