I Sea Great Thai

Sea Thai's original location is in Williamsburg, and despite being across a bridge or under a river, it became a destination for really great Thai food even for Manhattanites. So, when the restaurant opened a location in the East Village (now closed), and then another in the Meat Packing District, a lot of loyal Sea Thai followers were very excited. For RL's birthday last year, she had a big group dinner at Sea Thai in the Meat Packing. I hadn't been to any of the locations before, so I was excited to try it.

I had actually been to the restaurant in this space a few years ago called Highline, which was also Thai/Asian fusion. The menu had changed when it re-opened as Sea Thai, but the interior remained pretty much the same: stark white and very modern with a lounge/club feel.

So many of the appetizers looked really good that a few of us couldn't narrow down what we wanted to order. MB and I decided to order a few different items and split them. Music to my ears!

We started with the emerald vegetable dumplings with a black plum sauce, triangle curry puffs stuffed with curried chicken and potato,and lettuce wraps with chicken, peanut sauce, and crispy rice noodles. All three were delicious, and a nice combination of flavors and textures. For our entree, we split chicken pad see ew, my all-time fav. And lucky for us, it was a very good version! The broad noodles were coated with a sweet black soy sauce, and mixed with chicken, broccoli, and egg.

Sea is the perfect spot for a birthday dinner, with an extensive menu and cocktail/wine list, a very cool atmosphere, and a great DJ. It has the feel of a Meat Packing restaurant without the pretentious attitude like many of the Asian fusion restaurants in the area. I think it may be time for a trip over to Williamsburg to see where Sea got its start, and see how the newbie stacks up to the original!

Sea Thai
835 Washington Street
@ Little West 12th Street
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their original shop at Williamsburg is awesome!