Crying Wolf

Wolf & Lamb Steakhouse & Delicatessen is located in Midtown. I noticed on the sign outside that the restaurant considered itself a steakhouse and delicatessen. I was definitely curious about this combo, as a restaurant usually excels when it has one focus or specialty. But, I decided to reserve judgment until I could take a look at the menu.

The interior had a warm, casual feeling with dim lighting, exposed brick walls, and ornate mirrors. We were seated promptly by a friendly host who also turned out to be our server. As I perused the menu, I mostly saw items that fit on the menu of a steakhouse. Only a few things would be considered delicatessen items, including a sandwich and appetizers that contained pastrami.

We started with chicken tenders that were tossed in a picante chili pepper sauce. The flavor of the sauce was fantastic with just the right amount of kick.

I was in the mood for something a little lighter, so I ordered the fettuccine in cream sauce with grilled chicken and sautéed spinach. I have to say that I was impressed with the cream sauce given that there was no dairy in it. The portion was immense and did not skimp on the chicken. Usually this would be a good thing, but this was possibly the worst grilled chicken I’ve ever eaten at an upscale restaurant. It was processed and chewy, like the kind found at the grocery store pre-packaged in strips.

JK decided on a center-cut rib-eye filet mignon. Each entrée comes with a choice of a side and he chose the rustic French fries. He ordered the steak medium well, but was less than impressed with how it was seasoned (or the lack thereof) and cooked. The outside was overcooked, but the inside was close to medium rare. A steak of this quality should be cooked to the customer’s preference, which was not the case here at all.
To round out a pretty disappointing meal, the seemingly friendly host/server who greeted us was no where to be found throughout the meal and shrugged us off twice when we tried to get his attention, before reluctantly coming over to our table.

Wolf & Lamb seems to be a popular restaurant, as most tables were filled on a cold Tuesday night. The restaurant has a convenient location and a large menu, but I can’t imagine that the food is what keeps bringing people back. With many other great kosher steakhouses and delicatessens in the area, perhaps Wolf & Lamb should focus on trying to be a great steakhouse or a great delicatessen, rather than being mediocre at both.

Wolf & Lamb
10 East 48th Street
b/t 5th & Madison Avenues
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Hi...I haven't heard of this place but, love the look of the chicken tenders..Thanks for the tip :)