When Pastrami Met Matzah Ball

When I think quintessential "New York" food, some obvious things come to mind...pizza, bagels, dirty water dogs, black & white cookies, and pastrami sandwiches, most notably from Katz's Deli. If you put aside, for a second, all the tourists, guide book reviews, photographs with celebrities, and "When Harry Met Sally" references, you know what's left at Katz's? Really solid food.
I have lived here for over 6 years, and somehow never made it to Katz's...something I am not very proud of! When my mom visited early this summer, we decided it was finally time to change that.

After figuring out not only what I wanted to order, but how to order (what a crazy system), I approached an available sandwich-maker/meat-chopper guy. I ordered a bowl of matzah ball soup and a half turkey sandwich with Russian dressing on rye. One of my ideal deli combos!

As the guy was making my sandwich, he put a few small pieces on a plate for me to sample. I turned to my mom and said, "this is the best turkey I've ever had." And I wasn't exaggerating. I've had some decent turkey at Thanksgivings through the years, but none was as flavorful and moist as this. I don't know exactly how they cook it, but they're doing it right. It was piled high on the soft rye, and slathered with homemade Russian dressing.

The matzah ball soup was as good as any grandma could make...the broth was rich and flavorful and the matzah ball was really fluffy.

Miss Menu was a happy camper with this meal!
My mom ordered pastrami on rye with deli mustard, and loved it.
Pickles (sour, new, and tomato) are served with every meal
We asked for all new pickles

A few Miss Menu pointers...
  • If you order from the counter, be sure to sit in the proper section of tables. We accidentally sat down in the waiter service section and got yelled at.
  • Be sure to hang on to your ticket during your meal. You need it to pay and get out of the restaurant!
  • There can be a huge crowd when you first walk in, but the counter lines move pretty quickly.
Lastly, check out Katz's slogan, which has been around since World War II! It just makes me laugh...plain and simple.

"Send a salami to your boy in the Army"

Katz's Delicatessen
205 East Houston Street
@ Ludlow Street
Menu Pages listing


Unknown said…
I love the title of this blog! I have yet to go to Katz's despite living in the area for close to 3 yrs! Nice write-up!
Love Katz's one of the first places I ate when I moved here 17 years ago !!

Anonymous said…
Katz's Deli is better than having sex on ecstasy while watching Cats.