Take a Chance and Roll Los Dados

To round out a great run of restaurants during DB's visit, we decided to try a Mexican restaurant neither of us had been to before. Los Dados has been open for a few years in the Meat Packing district, and does a great job of combining the best of both worlds. It has the trendy vibe that is necessary to survive in that neighborhood, and has authentic Mexican home cooking to make people come back for more than just the bar scene. Los Dados's corner location allows it to have ample outdoor seating. A new added bonus starting a few months ago is a view of the Highline!

We were seated outside a few minutes after our reservation time. Without a second thought, we ordered guacamole to start. I also decided to order a glass of sangria, and DB went with a margarita. The chips and salsa came out right away, and I have to say, these were seriously the best tortilla chips I have ever had. They were made out the tortillas that are used in many of the entrees, and while they were crunchy, they somehow held on to a little chewiness...and it was fantastic. The salsa was a little bit sweet, but still packed plenty of heat. And as soon as the guacamole arrived, we went ahead and asked for more chips!

I decided to go with the tacos de pollo for my entree, which consisted of three small chicken tacos with a variety of toppings and sauces. One came with an avocado creme, another with pipian (which I learned was made of pumpkin seeds...very nutty), and the third was a chile mecco sauce. All were very delicious, and with the exception of the avocado, were flavors I hadn't tasted before. The chile mecco was insanely spicy (like lip-numbing spicy), but it tasted great. No pain, no gain though, right?!While side dishes were served a la carte, my entree came with a small side of refried beans, topped with queso fresco and diced tomatoes.

DB ordered the Tacos Al Pastor, which was roasted pork served with a charred jalapeno and pineapple salsa. He said the meat was very tender, and the sweet/heat combo of the salsa was great.

We decided to order a side of corn on the cob, which has lately been one of my favorite things on Mexican restaurant menus. The corn was grilled, and then topped with cayenne pepper and cojita cheese. It was a little tricky to share, but it was definitely enough for us both to get a taste. The cojita cheese was so good that I scooped up the remnants with a tortilla chip at the end!

The prices at Los Dados are a little steep for Mexican food, with both of our tacos coming in at $17 each. But, the vibe of the restaurant and neighborhood (especially its location across from a Highline entrance), as well as the food and drinks, makes for a really fun night out. I learned that Los Dados means "dice" in Spanish, and after rolling the dice that night, we definitely came up a winner!

Los Dados
73 Ganservoort Street
@ Washington Street
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