Grabbing Grub at Grimaldi's

Whenever I have a visitor in town, there's always one activity that I love doing with them: explore Brooklyn Heights, walk the promenade, eat at Grimaldi's, and then burn off the pizza by walking across the Brooklyn Bridge back into Manhattan. Even though I've done that tour at least 10 times, I still always enjoy it.

Even though DB lived in NYC for a few years, he never made it across the BK Bridge or to Grimaldi's. So, when he came to visit a few weeks ago, we definitely to put that on our to do list. I left work early on a Friday, we hopped on the subway, and headed to Brooklyn.

A few things you should know about Grimaldi's:
  • It is a total tourist spot, complete with dozens of foreign languages, double-decker buses, and guide books
  • There will be a line down the block no matter what day of the week you go or what time it is
  • You'll be squeezed into a table on top of the people next to you
  • There is a waiter, but there is no service - rush you in, rush you out
  • The pizza is DAMN good, and worth all of the above
We ordered a plain, large pizza because it's Italian-style with small slices, and because I think it's great even without toppings. Don't get me wrong, toppings on pizza are great, but I think Grimaldi's plain pies are perfect just the way they are!

The pizzas are made in a coal brick-oven that gives them a great smokey flavor and a crisp crust. The tomato sauce is a little sweet and a little tangy, the slices of fresh mozzarella are so much better than shredded, and the basil adds such a great flavor.
We walked over to the water before heading to the bridge path. Always such a great view...and made for a fantastic afternoon and start to his visit!
Grimaldi's Pizzeria
19 Old Fulton Street
b/t Front Street & Water Street
Under the Brooklyn Bridge
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