Miss Menu Mentions - SeamlessWebber

SeamlessWeb is the "simple, fast, and fun way for you to order food online from over 2,000 of the best delivery and takeout restaurants in New York and other major cities across the US and London." I've used the site a handful of times, and must say...it is pretty darn convenient. Not to mention, it's gotta be one of the better business ideas I've come across!

SeamlessWeb has its own food and restaurant blog called Insider's Network. Here's my profile as a SeamlessWebber!

"Every Thursday, a different SeamlessWeb customer tells us all about how he or she uses the site. If you pay close attention here you just might learn something. This week we have Shayna, who is known to her friends as Miss Menu, and would be really happy if she could find a Mexican BBQ joint."


Age: 28

Occupation: Marketing Manager

SeamlessWeb User Since: December 2008

Where Do You Use SW? Home and friends' apartments

Favorite Kind of Food: Tie between BBQ and Mexican. Growing up in Atlanta, I was alway surrounded by a lot of great BBQ and Mexican places. So I love trying them in NYC to see how they compare. Some can hold their own, but others seems to be missing a little of that Southern charm!

Least Favorite Kind of Food: Indian. Try as I might, I just can't get into curries. And even when I order a "curry-less" dish like Chicken Tikka Masala, I still don't love it.

Favorite Place(s) to Order From on SW: Baby Bo's Cantina (My favorite dish is the Vegetable Enchiladas Suizas, which comes with beans and rice. The different sauces they use are incredible!), Libretto's Pizzeria (I go for the plain pizza every time. Why ruin perfection by adding toppings?), Ethos Greek Cuisine (My roommate and I have it down to a science. We order Tzatziki with pita to start. Then we share Elliniki, a classic Greek salad, and Kotopoulo Giouvetsi, which is boneless chicken breast baked in a pot with orzo, tomato sauce, and feta cheese.)

Least Favorite Thing About Calling Restaurants? Busy signals.

Closest Previous Brush with Internet Fame? I started a blog called Miss Menu as a way of sharing my great NYC dining experiences with my friends and family. A year and a half later, I still can't believe that people besides my mom and dad are reading it!

Favorite Celebrity Chef? Anthony Bourdain. He really sees an importance in learning about other countries and cultures, mostly through their cuisine. That's what I love about New York City...when you're not able to travel to those far off places, you can easily take a culinary trip around the world without leaving the five boroughs!

Favorite Cartoon Growing Up? The Simpsons. (Ed: Need we say more?)

Plans for Tonight? Going to The Australian with co-workers for Happy Hour, then heading down to the East Village for dinner and drinks with some friends at Mercadito.