Dos Thumbs Up for Dos Caminos

While I don't have any immediate family close by, I am lucky enough to have three cousins in NYC. JB's sister AB came to visit one weekend, and the five of us decided to meet for brunch on Sunday morning. They wanted to do some shopping in SoHo after we ate, so we opted for a place downtown. KS picked Dos Caminos Soho, and while I had been to the other locations for brunch and dinner, I hadn't been to this one...which I believe is the original.

Dos Caminos has a full brunch menu on the weekends, as well as some additional dishes. When you order an item from the brunch menu, a cocktail (margarita, mimosa, bloody mary, screwdriver, etc.) and coffee/tea are included. A pretty good deal if you ask me.

We all decided we wanted to start with an order of guacamole. While we definitely could have gotten away with ordering a small batch, we ordered the larger one...and it was way too much. By time our meals came, we had gone through 2 baskets of chips and most of the guacamole! Sure, there's a thing called self-control, but I have none around chips and dip! It was delicious as always with the right amount of kick and not too heavy on the cilantro.

For my entree, I decided to go with the Chilaquiles, which is a baked tortilla casserole with sunny side up eggs, chihuahua cheese, and tres chiles salsa. I've had chilaquiles before at other restaurants, but this version was very different. On the bottom was a black bean spread. That was topped with red and blue corn tortilla chips covered in the salsa. Then, the eggs were plated on top of that, with a sprinkle of avocado, cheese, and garnish.
It was absolutely fantastic. The flavors all went really well together. The eggs weren't overcooked. My only complaint was that the tortilla chips became soggy after a few minutes of being covered in sauce and heat. There could be worse things...

...Like the problems with KS's order. She ordered the Dos Caminos Rancheros, which
was a crisp tortillas, fried eggs, black beans, smoked ham, and queso fresco. After seeing that there was turkey bacon on the menu, she asked if she could substitute the turkey bacon for the smoked ham. The waiter said it would be no problem as each dish is made to order. When it came out, it looked a lot more like ham than turkey bacon. She decided to check with the waiter, who confirmed it was turkey...but mentioned casually that there was bacon in the ranchero sauce that covered the entire dish. One would think that if a diner was asking to substitute something for pork, it may be helpful to mention pork being used in the sauce! It was only his 4th day, so we cut him some slack...and he sent the dish back to be remade with no sauce.

My other three cousins really enjoyed their meals...their only complaint was how large the portions are. I can't say I always see that as a negative, but guess they were surprised by it! LS had the breakfast quesadilla with scrambled eggs, bacon, chihuahua cheese, warm handmade tortillas. JB had the quesadilla benedict with ham, cheese and black bean quesadilla, poached eggs, and a roasted poblano hollandaise. And, AB had the wild mushroom and huitlacoche omelette with goat cheese, epazote and salsa verde.

Aside from a few mishaps, I think the meal was great overall. The atmosphere was fun and lively, but luckily it wasn't too crowded. And even on a rainy day, it was nice to have skylights overhead to let some natural light in what would otherwise be a pretty dimly-lit restaurant.

On nice days, the large patio out front is open, and I'm sure it's packed. I have now added it to my "to do" list for after-work, outdoor drinks for this summer!

Dos Caminos
475 West Broadway
@ Houston Street
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