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Foodies and food writers can't get enough of "Best Of" lists. Best pizza, best bagel, best margarita, and maybe one of most popular..."Best burger." Everyone will debate what the best is: Burger Joint, Shake Shack, Five Guys to name a few. I'd love to have an opinion, but one slight problem...I don't eat burgers! I have, however, been to Corner Bistro dozens of times. And some might argue that it's the best.

After a comedy show in the West Village, SN, NH, and I wanted to grab a quick dinner. Neither of them had been to Corner Bistro before, so I thought that was the perfect pick. I prefaced it by saying it's a no-frills dive bar, but the food is cheap and delish. They were definitely OK with that. The entire menu consists of 10 items and is posted on the walls of the restaurant.

SN and NH both ordered the specialty Bistro Burger, which is an 8oz burger topped with bacon, cheese, onions, lettuce, and tomato. Anyone who I've ever been there with has always ordered the Bistro Burger (or two). I guess it's hard to turn down deep-fried bacon! They both really liked it, and I'm pretty sure were contemplating ordering a second.

I've always ordered the grilled chicken sandwich, and enjoyed it each time. This was my first visit in a year or two, and I noticed that they had changed it up a bit. In a really good way. The chicken breast wasn't battered, but had a great almost-fried taste to it. Always a good thing. The sandwich itself was bigger. Also a good thing. I definitely enjoyed it more than in the past. We also got two orders of fries, which were a little overdone. Disclaimer to the non-pork eaters or vegetarians (although I'm not sure why you'd be eating at Corner Bistro!): The fries are fried in the same oil as the bacon. Obviously gives the fries a damn good flavor though.

A few additional pointers...
-The Diet Coke always tastes a little off - skip it.
-Go with a McSorley's Ale (from the bar in the East Village) instead.
-Unless you absolutely cannot live without tomatoes on your burger, take it off before you dive in. It makes the sandwiches so much easier to eat!

Don't expect friendly service here, but do expect a long line during the dinner rush. The food comes out quickly, though, so the tables turn over just as fast. If you've been to Corner Bistro or go after reading this post, let me know how their burgers stand up next to the other big names in NYC burgers!

Corner Bistro
331 West 4th Street
@ Jane Street & 8th Avenue
Menu Pages listing


Ed said…
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I have to rate some turkey burgers I think...great review, Corner Bistro is one of my favorites..Thanks