A Late Night Food Vic-Tory

After leaving SN's birthday party, ME and I headed back to the east side in search of a spot to grab one more drink and late-night food. We stopped in a few bars, but they were too crowded to order food. We stumbled across a Japanese yakitori restaurant. There was no bar, but there was a beer and wine list. So, we figured that'd do the trick!

We sat at the bar that lined the grill area, which had its pros and cons. It was great to be able to see firsthand how the yakitori grilling was done, but even with a huge exhaust system, it got pretty smokey and drafty.

We ordered a starter to share to go along with our yakitori. The Imo Mochi & Mushrooms may have looked a little less than appealing, but the taste was out of this world. The sauteed sticky potato cakes were absolutely delicious. The mushrooms and the sauce they were in were great too. This was definitely unlike any dish I have ever had...in a very good way!

I ordered one shitake (Japanese shitake mushroom) and one sasami ume shiso yaki (chicken breast with plum and shiso sauce). ME ordered one harama (skirt steak) and one teba (chicken wing). We both enjoyed our yakitori, but wish we had ordered more! But, we didn't want to get a second round because this batch took a really long time to come.
For a really different dining experience, definitely check out Yakitori Torys. I haven't been to Japan before, but it feels like a really authentic spot. I will definitely be heading back to try more of the different yakitori choices and some of the other appetizers and entrees. And next time I'm going to make sure I'm sat at one of the tables and away from the grill!

Yakitori Torys
248 East 52nd Street, 2nd Floor
b/t 2nd & 3rd Avenues