Everything but the Kitchen Sink

~ Miss Menu can dream, can't she?! World's top 50 food blogs...hear I come! *Times UK*

~ These are some good lookin' NYC sandwiches *Serious Eats

~ Why didn't anyone tell me it's Pancake Month?? *Metromix*

~ Any true Coke connoisseur knows that Coke products taste better in Europe. Reason being they are made with real sugar instead of corn syrup. With the exception of Kosher for Passover Coke, it's hard to find in the US...until now! Pepsi is launching a new product called Pepsi Throwback in April that will use real sugar! *Serious Eats*

~ Heinz makes the first changes to its label in 60 years. Just as long as the "57" is still on the glass bottles so I know where to hit it to get the ketchup flowing! *NYTimes*