Can't Judge A Menu By Its Cover

It's never safe to judge a sushi/Japanese restaurant by the looks of its delivery menu. Sometimes the sketchiest "restaurants" have really well-designed menus. And sometimes the good restaurants have really crappy menus. So, I was a little skeptical when AS suggested we go to Nomado 33 for dinner one night because I had only seen a cool looking menu slid under my door.

Nomado 33 is located directly across the street from 2nd Ave Deli, which would explain why I couldn't picture its location. I always walk on the south side of 33rd St so I can catch a whiff of the deli goodness that permeates the sidewalk! It also doesn't help that the storefront is very unremarkable. When we got there, we were both pleasantly surprised by the interior though. The space was light and modern, with windows that look out onto a "courtyard." We got there at 6:30, and it was pretty deserted...but by time we were paying the bill an hour later, about half of the tables had been filled.

Nomado 33 calls itself a sushi fushion restaurant since they incorporate food into the rolls that are anything but traditional. I glanced over the menu and a few of these caught my, banana tempura, rolls with names like "Pizza" and "Snow White."

I started with a miso soup. It was pretty standard. I decided to order a couple rolls...the vegetable tempura roll and the bec roll. The vegetable tempura was so good. The tempura wasn't too greasy and the veggies still had a nice crunch to them. The bec roll was one of the fusion rolls, and was fantastic. It had spicy tuna, avocado, jalapeno, crunch with a soy wrap. It had all the right components...heat, texture and great fresh fish.

AS ordered the chicken teriyaki. It came with the choice of a salad or miso soup, and she opted for the miso soup as well. When the dish came out, we were both laughing at the amount of chicken that was on the plate. It was easily enough for 2, maybe 3 people. Even with me trying a few bites, there was still so much left over. The sauce had a great flavor, and the steamed broccoli that came with it was a nice addition to the side of brown rice.

Nomado 33 is a welcomed addition to the neighborhood in my book. I'm definitely looking forward to a return visit. And, I will now be adding its fancy menu to my menu box!

Nomado 33
165 East 33rd Street
b/t 3rd & Lexington Avenue
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