Surely the Best Schnitzel

My obsession with schnitzel began during my trip to Israel in July. Ever since we got back, I seriously think it comes up in conversation with my friends at least once a week. We prefer to pronounce it “schn-eeeeeeee-tzel.” For those of you not familiar with this delicious, fried chicken goodness, schnitzel itself is very similar to the American chicken cutlet. The difference lies in what it’s served with. But, I’ll get more into that later!

So, my friend M.F. and I were on a hunt for a restaurant in NYC that serves schnitzel, and came up with a few options. But, the one that caught our eye the most was Murray’s Falafel. As you may have read in an earlier post, I am equally obsessed with falafel, so finding a place that had a lot of great reviews for both schnitzel and falafel was fantastic.

Murray’s is a little hole-in-the-wall spot across from Stuy Town. They do a lot of take-out/delivery business, but we had just enough time before heading to a concert to fully savor our schnitzel experience and take advantage of their table service. This savoring was not a result of any special ambiance or super friendly service, but was fully about the food itself.

We started with an appetizer order of falafel balls, which came with 6 pieces (TWSS). The falafel was fresh out of the fryer, but not greasy at all. It had a great crunch, but still moist on the inside. The flavor was delicious and had a nice kick to it…very authentic. I’ve started to notice that I like having tahina sauce on every bite. Good thing there was an entire bottle on the table!

For my main dish, I ordered a schnitzel pita, which came with Israeli salad and hummus in it. The schnitzel was fried to perfection just like the falafel (am I sensing a theme here?!)…nice and crispy on the outside, and juicy on the inside. The Israeli salad had a nice, light flavor and complimented the schnitzel really well. I doused the pita with tahina, and I was a happy camper.

M.F. ordered the schwarma entrĂ©e which comes with Israeli salad, pita, and “double the meat of a sandwich” plus a side dish. For his side, he went with the vegetable couscous (what would have been my choice as well!). Schwarma isn’t my favorite thing, but I was happy to give it a taste, especially since I knew it was good chicken, and not the gross stuff you find with street meat. It had a great flavor and texture. The couscous was delicious…light and fluffy, and even the pita was fresh.

We left beyond satisfied with our meal, and even contemplated going back to Murray’s on the way home from the show! I HIGHLY recommend checking out Murray’s, especially if you want jump on the schnitzel bandwagon. I think it’s safe to say that schnitzel is becoming trendy! It also helps that Murray’s is as authentic as any schnitzel I had in Israel. It helps that the owner and wait staff are Israeli and Israeli music plays in the background! A quick note, Murray’s is Glatt Kosher, so they observe Shabbat and all the holidays. We tried to go back a few weeks ago and found it was closed…such a bummer!

Murray's Falafel
261 First Avenue
b/t 15th & 16th Streets
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