Not Too Bad to the 'Bone'

There is no shortage of bar food in NYC. Menu Pages has 344 restaurants listed under that category. So, when you're in the mood for a good burger and beer, a bar has to have something to entice you to choose it over the other 343 options. Some have good happy hours, some show sporting events, and some have great daily specials like Rathbone's.

I went to Rathbone's on 2 for Tuesday...and have since been back twice more! On Tuesdays, burgers and sandwiches, beer, and well drinks are all buy one, get one free. A lot of bars have burger and beer specials, sometimes for $10, but it's usually limited to just beef burgers. I was excited to learn that Rathbone's special applied to almost all sandwiches, not just burgers! My friends ME and ER go almost weekly, so I had to see for myself what the big fuss was all about. The bar was pretty packed for a cold Tuesday night. No football games to watch, happy hour was over, so it was clear that Rathbone's special was definitely working!

For this first visit to Rathbone's, we started out with a few rounds of beer and the Chicken Nachos Grande. The nachos were really good, topped with melted cheddar, tasty guacamole, pico de gallo, and sour cream. All sounds good, right? Wrong. Unfortunately, the chicken was pretty bad. I was a little nervous since my dinner had chicken in it.

I ordered the buffalo grilled chicken wrap, and my concern was right on. The chicken was dry and rubbery. There was a watery buffalo sauce and soggy lettuce, and that was it. Blech. Luckily, the french fries were good, but didn't quite redeem the wrap. What did help a little was knowing that it was essentially half off because of the 2 for Tuesday special. A bad $5 wrap is a lot easier to digest than a $10 one.

On my second visit to Rathbone's, I decided to go with the turkey burger...a much better choice. The burger had a good flavor and wasn't overcooked, the way turkey burgers often can be. ME had a burger that he really enjoyed as always, just as many others have too apparently!

I'm definitely looking forward to more 2 for Tuesdays, but now know to stick to the basics...burgers and beer.

1702 Second Avenue
b/t 88th & 89th Streets
Menu Pages listing


Anonymous said…
they make really good quesadillas.