Everything but the Kitchen Sink - Sinigual

UPDATE: Since posting this in April, Sinigual has opened and I had the opportunity to dine there recently. Click here for my full review of this new, contemporary Mexican restaurant. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


In my 5 years in NYC, I have been less than thrilled with the burrito/Mexican options here. There's a great debate over which is better...Chipotle, Blockheads, Qdoba, Burritoville to name a few. They're all edible, but none of them really do it for me.

A new sign in a storefront caught my eye on my walk home from work tonight. Looks like Sinigual, a restaurant with "contemporary Mexican cuisine," is opening soon in Midtown East. I was excited for the prospect of a new Mexican food option, especially one not far from my apartment.

Much to my dismay, after doing a little research when I got home, I learned that Sinigual is a chain that is under the same ownership as Chevy's. If any of you have been to the Chevy's in Times Square, I need not say more. If you haven't been, take Miss Menu's word for it...DON'T GO! (Quick side story should explain why: I went to Chevy's with some friends a few years ago, and one friend ordered a quesadilla with sour cream on the side. Our food comes, and the waiter sets our meals on the table and hands my friend a side of sour cream. So, she asks where her quesadilla is thinking maybe it was following right behind. And, the waiter says - and I quote - "Oh, no, you just ordered sour cream." Really? Because that's a normal thing to order?!?! Long story short, they got into an argument, the manager came over embarrassed as hell, and ended up comping our entire meal. Again, DON'T GO!)

The photos and descriptions of the dishes on the website look promising though, so I will reserve judgment until I am able to try Sinigual for myself. Has anyone heard anything more about this spot? I'll definitely give you an update once it opens and I check it out.

150 East 42nd Street
Actual location is 3rd Avenue b/t 41st & 42nd Streets


Anonymous said…
hahaha, just ordered sour cream. WTF?!
Anonymous said…
My sentiments exactly! That is definitely one dining experience I'll never forget!
Lessons Learned said…
HA! Totally remember that and it was frickin hilarious!
James said…
Just googled the restaurant name to find out when it's opening and found your blog.

I thought I would post that the restaurant company which owns Sinigual also owns Acapulco restaurants. I'm an LA native and used to go to the one in Westwood. It's MUCH better than Chevy's, which I hate too. I'm definitely optimistic about Sinigual and will be downing tequila shots after work since the restaurant is right across the street from my office. Whoohoo! Definitely post your review when you go.

On a side note, have you been to Baby Bo's or El Rio Grande? They are both in your neighborhood. Both have good drinks and Baby Bo's has pretty good food. I've never eaten at El Rio Grande - I'm much more of a drinker than eater ;)

Cool Blog.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for reading, James! I'm definitely eager to try Sinigual. I saw construction going on inside recently, so I'm hoping it's opening soon. And, I am thrilled to hear that this company owns a decent chain in addition to Chevy's.

I have been to Rio Grande too many times to count...the margaritas probably have something to do with that! You can check out my review of it here: http://www.missmenunyc.com/2008/03/run-for-border.html

I haven't been to Baby Bo's yet, mostly because my favorite neighborhood Mexican restaurant is only 1/2 a block away - El Parador. If you ever try it, let me know what you think!
James said…
I finally tried El Parador (yes It's been 8 months since you recommended it to me) and I loved it. Thanks for the great recommendation. I'm thinking about throwing my birthday party there next month.
Drewt said…
BTW, we are having a HUGE Cinco Party featuring Cazadores Tequila..I hope you can make it..And just to give you an idea of how good this place is...Last Wednesday night the place by 6:30 was full! The dining room had some families but the bar area was packed and 95% females!!! There were like no men until 8:00ish or so...This is going to be the spot in the City for a while!