The Perfect Porkless Meal

There are a handful of Irish pubs within a block from my office, but the one frequented the most by my co-workers is The Perfect Pint. It almost feels like Cheers, where everybody knows your name. I had been there before for drinks, but had never eaten there. I went with my boss and a girl who was visiting from our Frankfurt office. I thought we should take her somewhere a little more exciting since pubs are pretty common in most European cities, but The Perfect Pint it was.

I had no clue how popular The Pint was as a lunch spot. The 2nd floor was completely full, so the hostess seated us on the 3rd floor. I was totally surprised by the menu. It was really extensive, running the gambit from typical pub fare to pretty creative dishes. It wasn’t 5-star, gourmet cuisine, but it was definitely better than expected.

I was looking over the long list of sandwiches available, and one really caught my eye: the Turkey Cuban. As a non-pork eater, I always feel like I’m missing out on a lot of great food items. Granted, nowadays there are a lot of alternatives for my bunch that allow us to enjoy these items...turkey/veggie hot dogs, sausage, bacon. The list goes on and on. Some (well maybe most...or even all!) pork fans laugh at these things, but I’m glad that they exist!

So when I saw the Turkey Cuban sandwich listed on the menu, I was really excited because I have always wanted to try it. A real Cuban sandwich is made with two kinds of ham, though. But, this one was made with two kinds of turkey...roasted and hickory smoked. It came hot and pressed, which made the bread really crispy and the Swiss cheese really melted. It was also dressed with pickles and a garlicky Dijon mustard. Say what you will about turkey versions of anything, but this was a fantastic sandwich, no matter how you slice it (no pun intended!). It came with really good fries as well...crispy and salty, can’t go wrong!

My boss got the Incredible Lamb Burger, which was topped with tzatziki sauce. If only they had made that in a turkey or veggie version, I would’ve gone with that for sure. I love, love, love a good tzatziki sauce. The other girl ordered the Bruschetta Chicken sandwich that was served on ciabatta bread. They both really enjoyed their meals as well.

The service can be a little spotty because they get slammed during the lunch rush and the wait staff is spread pretty thinly. Otherwise, the food came quickly and was fresh. Nothing is worse than food that is kept sitting under heat lamps while the rest of the table’s meals are being prepared. For $10-11 sandwiches, The Perfect Pint isn’t a bargain lunch, but it is a great option for a casual, sit-down lunch that serves up some really great food.

The Perfect Pint
123 West 45th Street
b/t 6th Avenue & Broadway
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Anonymous said…
I hope you realize that a lot of the turkey dogs and luncheon meat products have pork and beef extracts in them! Be careful when you order them eating out. you never know what brand is being used if you are trying to keep really kosher.